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The Seismic Alarm & Spill Control is a unique product in that it uses a gas shut off valve with a stainless steel ball and pedestal that is calibrated to the ASCE 25-06 Interantional and ASCE 25-97 code to fall off the pedestal at 5.4 or greater seismic ratings. The mechanical operation of the ball falling into the gas line opening is picked up by a proximity sensor.


Since the Seismic Alarm & Spill Control does not use accelerometers and does not have the ability to sense different seismic levels, it is different from other seismic switches such as those used in elevators. It is distinguished by its simple mechanical failsafe operation.


Gas pipes can break in a 5.4+ seismic event creating a gas explosion environment. The Seismic Smart Switch purpose is spill containment for pipes carrying liquids, chemicals, nuclear, and petroleum drilling rigs. Its function is Spill Prevention and warning.


The Seismic Alarm & Spill Control is secured to a foundation or equipment with a bracket or NEMA explosion proof enclosure so that the combination senses seismic movement. The proximity sensor can be of different electrial voltages or wireless to communicate with fire control panels, solenoid valves, or home security control panels.

Kory Mattson is a Mechanical Engineer from Washington State University. He has developed the Seismic Alarm and Spill Control product. We have found that he has to check each request for quote for electrical compatibility in the project. Therefore it is a little hard to quote a project without knowing what we will be controlling. Right now we do our quality control by purchasing the automated valve, shipping it here, wiring and testing the system before shipping to final destination.
Existing valves can be fitted with automated motors. We can ship our Seismic Alarm and Spill Control with instructions for wiring our product to the motor controls. Placement of the Seismic Alarm is very important. We secure them to building foundations, or make a stand on a solid foundation so that our Seismic Alarm is vertical and plumb, and can sense the earth movement.
Depending on the pipes or equipment that you plan to protect, one Seismic Alarm might be wired to activate multiple valves or equipment.

These control panels can be programmed to many functions like shutting down pumps, oil drilling rigs, openings escape doors, turning on emergency generators, etc. 





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