You Need to Know the size of the gas pipe to order your gas shut off valve. 


I have provided a template to take the guess out of knowing the pipe size of the gas line coming from your gas meter.

Cut the template, measure and wrap around your pipe.

The Amercian Society of Mechanical Engineers has determined that in an earthquake size of 5.4 and greater, appliances will move to break pipes, water heaters will fall over and pipes in the ground can break.

So the theory of the Earthquake Gas Shutoff valve is to brace the valve to the building so that the valve is reading what the house is doing.

I sell the valve in a kit, with a stabilizer brace and installation instructions.



At a seismic event of 5.4 and greater, pipes with liquids can break and create spills. From public water supplies to nuclear chemicals, manufacturing companies to pipeline companies seek to protect from broken pipes.

The Seismic alarm connects to home security systems and fire sprinkler systems with its 12 VDC. The Seismic Alarm connects to powered units like automated shutoff valves and emergency generators to trigger emergency procedures during a seismic event with its 110/220 AC. This allows for inspection for broken pipes and costly spills.